When you need to understand and optimize your building’s performance, commissioning brings everything into focus. Fitzemeyer & Tocci offers commissioning services that provide the critical information needed to address efficiency issues, cut costs and improve system performance. In addition to all traditional mechanical and electrical systems, our team can also commission the following specialized systems:

  • Microturbines
  • Chilled Beams
  • Heat Pumps (geothermal systems and air source)
  • Smoke management systems
  • Hospital & Laboratory mission-critical systems

Commissioning provides critical oversight and functional testing to ensure efficient building operations and the overall success of building projects. During the design phase, commissioning also provides third-party review to ensure a building project meets owner expectations and program requirements.

For existing buildings, retro-commissioning analyzes systems and performance to bring the building back to full efficiency, improve comfort for occupants, and manage operational and maintenance costs.

As a building owner, you need a commissioning team with broad industry expertise to represent you and improve your project success and your building performance.

Commissioning services include:

  • Identification and documentation of owner requirements
  • Design documentation review
  • Verification of system installation and performance
  • Owner training
  • Systems manual development
  • Post-occupancy review
  • Retro-commissioning of existing systems for improved performance

Knowledge really is power

Whether you require commissioning, re-commissioning or retro-commissioning, Fitzemeyer & Tocci is ready to assist you in optimizing your building systems’ performance. These services result in:

  • Longer and more effective equipment life
  • Minimized operational costs through system and equipment efficiency
  • Ensuring a strict adherence to design intent
  • Warranty enforcement
  • Preventative and predictive maintenance plans
  • Overall building quality enhancement
  • Comprehensive project documentation

Benefits of commissioning:

  • Reduction of change orders and additional claims through comprehensive design reviews
  • Confirm strict adherence to design intent
  • Fewer outstanding deficiencies at the completion of the project
  • Identification of problems during the construction process
  • Comprehensive documentation of equipment start-up, check-out and functional testing
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Lower energy and operational cost of equipment
  • More knowledgeable and better trained O&M staff

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