Building Information Modeling

As BIM has become the basic expectation of the building industry for design efforts today, we at Fitzemeyer & Tocci recognized Building Information Modeling was to become the industry standard since its inception in the early 2000’s. As a result, we decided to begin using Revit as an internal platform in early 2009 early in its introduction to the MEP industry. Shortly after we made a corporate decision to fully transition to Revit as our primary design platform for use on all projects in 2012, investing in what we knew was the future. With our long history of working with BIM it has become a tool that serves as an intuitive extension of our engineering methods allowing us to provide our clients with the highest level of technical deliverables available today.


Building Information Modeling Benefits at Fitzemeyer & Tocci

Our Engineering services include a level of BIM design as our standard product, in which our clients receive a coordinated, geometrically accurate representation of our engineering design that in turn is communicated through a clear, organized and aesthetically pleasing set of construction documents. A summarized list of the benefits you will find through our BIM products are as follows:

  • BIM Intelligence:
  • Engineering intelligence is found within the BIM model allowing our engineers an advanced and efficient process to input, communicate and schedule data for our document submissions which also serves as integrated data intelligence.
  • Quality Assurance:
  • The same intelligence used for data communication is utilized and developed within Fitzemeyer & Tocci in a way that allows us to be alerted via visual triggers to ensure our data is properly calculated and communicated with our Engineering intent.
  • Collaboration:
  • Internal customization of our design platform (Revit) allows us to collaborate and coordinate in real time with all other trades. This increases the level of coordination efforts through clash avoidance, reducing the post design impact of clash detection.
  • Communication:
  • A BIM model increases communication across the spectrum of disciplines both within our own firms but more importantly with trades of other disciplines. Seeing a 3D representation of an object that brings a source of conflict leaves little doubt of the conflict warranting conversation to be had.
  • Graphical Representation:
  • The Graphical representation of our construction documents have been developed to be aesthetically superior to what the industry has shown in the past, this includes accurate Sections, Isometric views, 3D Views, Color Fill legends, 3D renderings among many other view and sheet advancements found within Revit.

Building Information Modeling contact at Fitzemeyer & Tocci

Our BIM/Technology manager, Dan Villeneuve, has been developing and enhancing internal technology efforts for engineering firms for over 13 years and has extensive knowledge that supports and directs any BIM project through difficult or more advanced BIM requirements. This level of experience and support allows Fitzemeyer & Tocci to provide critical input during collaboration and BIM Execution Plan meetings that will help the project collaboration efforts and ensure a smooth workflow from model creation, to model sharing, to model deliverables and finally over to the contractor for a construction or As-Built model. For BIM inquiries, please contact Dan Villeneuve at 781.285.2277 or

Building Information Modeling Future at Fitzemeyer & Tocci

We at Fitzemeyer & Tocci realize that Building Information Models are only a portion of the advances found in design technology available today. As current technologies continue to evolve, new technologies are consistently being introduced. We are continually challenging ourselves to assess emerging technologies and think inventively on how they could potentially fit within our industry and improve efficiency, quality or richness to our products and more importantly, how they can be used to benefit our business partners and clients.

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