Retro-Commissioning for Resiliency and Code Compliance

| February 20, 2019

retro-commissioningCommissioning is perhaps most commonly viewed as a way to verify a new building functions the way it was designed to once the keys are turned over to the owner. The retro-commissioning process is similar, yet it has unique hurdles to overcome and can be less concrete in scope when the process begins. During the life cycle of a building, it will be renovated (in most cases many times) to meet the changing needs of the owner and business sector usually without being fully functionally tested again. Healthcare facilities can change the second they are occupied, and the changes never stop during its life cycle. Why then, should we expect the way it was originally designed to be constant throughout the life cycle?

This guide will:

  • Bring attention to Retro-commissioning and to discuss what it is, what its challenges are, and most importantly what the benefits to the building owner can be
  • Explain how retro-commissioning can help create more predictable operating budgets
  • Discuss how retro-commissioning can ease the burden on limited operations staff
  • Provide information on what effect the retro-commissioning process has on the healing environment
  • Explore how retro-commissioning can reduce operating costs

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