Telemedicine Spaces: Lighting Design with Communication in Mind

Accuracy in telemedicine is dependent on clear visual communication, both parties must be able to clearly and comfortably see each other. Therefore, providing proper lighting is a critical factor to accurately assess and treat patients while utilizing telemedicine. The lighting must enable medical examination and facial expression recognition of the patient, as well as patient … read more

Repurposing Commercial Spaces for Healthcare Applications: Finding the Perfect Building

It seems more and more frequently there are new medical office suites opening, breathing life into old, abandoned storefronts. These spaces run the gamut from walk-in urgent care providers to full service ambulatory surgery centers specializing in a variety of different procedures. While the availability of these storefronts and commercial office spaces is a boon … read more

Building the Infrastructure to Support Telemedicine Delivery Guide

Remote patient care and treatment through telemedicine provides healthcare organizations with the ability to increase patient-provider interaction at a lower overall cost of service at a rapid internet speed. In addition to improved patient care and convenience, telemedicine provides the societal benefit of extending quality healthcare to rural and other under served areas and … read more

Commissioning: Improving Resiliency by Testing in a Controlled Environment


The commissioning process is one that can benefit mechanical and electrical systems in new and operational buildings. While the commissioning process can impact efficiency and impact operational costs, the focus of this blog will be mitigating risks and improving resiliency. The recent guide asks the questions: “How do we adapt these systems to work … read more

The Internet of Things and the Effect on Healthcare Facilities

The rate of change underway in the interface and connectivity of infrastructure systems and equipment to information technology networks is moving at a pace that couldn’t be imagined just a short time ago. Advances in computing power, data logging, on-board memory, energy consumption, wireless connectivity systems, and their cost-effective adoption into healthcare systems and … read more