Research Laboratories

As a long-established design and engineering firm, we have provided services for support of many science and research lab projects. We draw on our long term experience and our first-hand knowledge of the unique demands of these type of facilities as we meet the design and engineering challenges of your project.

Fitzemeyer & Tocci understands that high tech research laboratories need precise and innovative conditions. We work closely with building staff and researchers to ensure modern laboratory design approaches are properly implemented within new and existing buildings, for a safe and functional environment.


Challenges Welcome

Simulating extreme conditions or creating highly regulated environments is an opportunity which Fitzemeyer & Tocci welcomes. Since 1960, the research environments Fitzemeyer & Tocci has helped create have been the birthplace to many important advancements and discoveries.

Foresight in Technology

The engineers at Fitzemeyer & Tocci embrace opportunities for progressive problem solving and creativity. Our experience across a broad spectrum of science and technology clients —including the commercial, academic, and healthcare fields — enables us to apply uniquely effective methodologies to solve complex problems. Our combined creativity and problem-solving skills place Fitzemeyer & Tocci in an elite class of design engineers.