Project Delivery Method | A Direct Impact on a Project’s Success

| April 21, 2015

Within regulated facilities, members of the client’s project team, including project managers, facility managers, engineers, etc. are faced with the difficult decision of determining the project delivery method at the project outset. This decision will have a direct impact on the project success as it relates to cost, schedule and quality.

Each project delivery method (design-bid-build, design-build, construction management, general contractor, etc.) has various pros and cons that should be considered carefully prior to initiating the project.  For example, a design-build project may offer an expedited project schedule, but often reduces the owner’s control of the project deliverables.

Ideally, the project team will determine the delivery method that provides the client an acceptable level of risk mitigation, while meeting the project budget and schedule.  In highly regulated facilities, however, owners may not have the flexibility to allow the project to progress without detailed input with regard to the specification of equipment and materials.  When the requirement for this level of project control is combined with challenging budget and schedule constraints, typical project delivery methods may not suffice.

In these instances, an owner may find the most advantageous project delivery method is designer-led design-build.  With this project delivery method, Fitzemeyer & Tocci partners with a construction manager or design-builder to provide a complete and detailed design package with integrated pre-construction services.  This method provides our clients with the same level of detail they have become accustomed to, while expediting the overall project schedule and incorporating improved control of the construction budget during the design phase of the project.


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