The Internet of Things and the Effect on Healthcare Facilities

| December 10, 2018

Internet of Things The rate of change underway in the interface and connectivity of infrastructure systems and equipment to information technology networks is moving at a pace that couldn’t be imagined just a short time ago. Advances in computing power, data logging, on-board memory, energy consumption, wireless connectivity systems, and their cost-effective adoption into healthcare systems and equipment appears to be nearly limitless. These changes, while surely providing astounding new capabilities for improvement in patient procedures and satisfaction, can be complex and taxing on existing healthcare infrastructure systems and budgets.

This guide will:

  • Present several innovative technologies, including those that exist in the healthcare environment already or anticipated to be in place soon
  • Discuss their impact on infrastructure needs
  • Provide recommendations on how to upgrade current infrastructure systems.
  • Discuss planning for the future to make the most effective use of these technologies.

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This guide was written by Jason Butler, PE and Cameron Bellao, PE, LEED AP from Fitzemeyer & Tocci, with contributions from a round table panel including Dr. Larry Garber, Todd Boucher, Jonathan Cocker, and Mark Yerrick.



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