Energy and Infrastructure


As more and more facility owners and managers struggle with the increasing liability of replacing aging or outdated facility infrastructure with limited capital budgets, leveraging creative solutions that focus on energy efficiency, resiliency and long-term sustainability becomes a more compelling paradigm.

Fitzemeyer & Tocci provides our clients with the expertise and guidance needed to identify, plan and execute cost-effective and sustainable infrastructure improvements. We utilize a methodical and integrated service approach, starting with clearly defined goals, followed by timely planning, prioritization, design and execution to deliver the project owner with cost-effective energy and infrastructure solutions that meet the owner’s long-term objectives.


Experience Matters

As a premier design engineering firm since 1960, Fitzemeyer & Tocci has completed many challenging energy and infrastructure projects. We can draw on this experience and our first-hand knowledge of the unique demands of energy and infrastructure to meet the design and engineering challenges of your applications, including central utilities, air, water, steam and power distribution, cogeneration, and building energy management.

Our Value Proposition

Fitzemeyer &  Tocci provides clients with a focused, quality engineering resource for their energy and infrastructure modernization projects. We deliver solutions that revitalize facilities, while reducing operating costs and maximizing return on investment.  We provide a full range of services, ranging from early planning and project prioritization, followed by concept development, design, and project execution. Our team works closely with the client’s local utilities to assure each project leverages all available utility-based incentives and programs, and can assist client partners with identifying alternative project funding sources.

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