Commissioning: Improving Resiliency by Testing in a Controlled Environment


The commissioning process is one that can benefit mechanical and electrical systems in new and operational buildings. While the commissioning process can impact efficiency and impact operational costs, the focus of this blog will be mitigating risks and improving resiliency. The recent guide asks the questions: “How do we adapt these systems to work … read more

Integrate Commissioning Into Your Building Project

How can building owners ensure building systems meet expectations and operate with predictable costs? Integrate commissioning from day one—to provide additional expertise, ensure owners’ and occupants’ needs are met, and to build highly efficient building systems that work as designed, at peak performance, and with minimal interruptions or downtime. This guide reviews challenges for building owners … read more

Commissioning Integrated MEP Solutions

  Building Commissioning Services Expected To Reach $6.6 Billion Fitzemeyer & Tocci’s commissioning group recently took part in providing information to Navigant Research for a study they were conducting about the current state and future direction of the building commissioning industry. Fitzemeyer & Tocci provided information based on perceived trends, financial health of the industry … read more