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| December 1, 2015


Building Commissioning Services Expected To Reach $6.6 Billion

Fitzemeyer & Tocci’s commissioning group recently took part in providing information to Navigant Research for a study they were conducting about the current state and future direction of the building commissioning industry. Fitzemeyer & Tocci provided information based on perceived trends, financial health of the industry and where we felt the industry was going. From Navigant’s research, they concluded that the current annual global revenue for commissioning of $3.1 billion will be expected to more than double to a whopping $6.6 billion by the year 2024.

One of the important drivers for the increased revenue includes regulations and green building certification organizations that require commissioning on all new construction projects. Additionally, building owners are seeing considerable savings from procuring commissioning agent services on their projects – both from an operations and energy savings standpoint. These owners’ savings continues to be a large driver for the growth of the industry.

This promising growth potential is a clear indication that construction and building maintenance industries are beginning to recognize the benefits of commissioning. Commissioning is now being implemented on both new construction projects and in the retro-commissioning of their existing facilities in order to improve the efficiency of their staff and take advantage of the energy savings.

To learn more about commissioning and how it can benefit your organization, please contact our Commissioning Market Leader, Matthew Wheeler, at or at 781-285-2295.

Building Commissioning ServicesMaine Medical Center | Bean Surgery Expansion

“Fitzemeyer & Tocci’s commissioning team was a fundamental part of Maine Medical Center’s Bean Expansion project. MMC valued the knowledge and hands on problem-solving processes that F&T brought to the project.”

– Marshall Bartlett, Project Manager, Maine Medical Center

Scope of work:

Fitzemeyer & Tocci was contracted by Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine to provide commissioning services for a two floor vertical expansion on the roof of their existing Bean building to provide five new operating rooms and Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). The 18,000 sf addition required installation of three new custom air handling units, variable air volume terminal units, exhaust fans, split air conditioning systems for server and electrical rooms, unitary heating equipment and various plumbing and support systems (including medical gas, snow melt and steam condensate receiver).


Coordination with existing hospital systems and hospital staff during the phased construction of the addition was an extremely important part of the success of the project. This coordination required phased and after hours functional testing.

On most projects, a large portion of functional testing is conducted with the assistance of the mechanical and automatic temperature controls contractors. Commissioning often results in the coordination of these parties with the design team to adjust sequences to achieve design intent and very often the commissioning agent is the party that must facilitate this coordination. The return air damper on the air handling units on this specific project operated to provide minimum outdoor air and the maximum (economizer) outdoor air dampers were controlling independently. This was resulting in the possibility of starving the unit of air if both dampers were closed simultaneously.

An important activity of building commissioning is graphics and trending review. Trending review helps to identify operational inefficiencies of equipment and the graphics review serves to ensure that the final end-user is left with a system that meets their needs and is maintainable per the original design intent.


  • The commissioning team at Fitzemeyer & Tocci has experience commissioning healthcare facilities across New England. We understand the primary goal of a healthcare facility is patient recovery and safety. We work with owner and construction teams to ensure construction and commissioning activities do not interfere with either of these owner missions.
  • Coordination provided by the commissioning team between the ATC contractor, mechanical contractor and design team often results in the revision of sequences of operation to achieve the original design intent. F&T worked with the design team to revise the sequence of operation to ensure that the return air damper and maximum outdoor air damper operated inversely proportional to each other and this ensured that the unit would never be starved of supply air.
  • Through the Building Management System (BMS) equipment graphics review, F&T was able to identify a number of communication errors that were being encountered with VAV boxes. Working with the owner, we were also able to answer questions about the graphics and identify system preferences the facilities staff had so that the ATC contractor was able to modify the graphics to meets the needs of the maintenance team.

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