As a full-service engineering firm since 1960, we have worked for a vast number of colleges and universities. We draw on this experience and our first-hand knowledge of the unique demands of college/university facilities and buildings to meet the design and engineering challenges of your particular project.

Today’s leading-edge academic environments require experienced specialists to help plan, design, and build. Science and laboratory facilities, athletics, dining facilities, performance halls, and other specialized classrooms all have unique engineering requirements necessary for academic and physical achievements to occur. Fitzemeyer & Tocci understands these built environments and assigns highly experienced teams to these projects.



Experienced problem solvers

Our Principal-Led Academic Teams are experts in technically challenging educational building engineering disciplines; including electrical, mechanical, plumbing and fire-protection technologies.  Our market-focused experts have a head start on solving problems and clearing away issues that are unique to the engineering of college and academic buildings

Sustainable Advances in Teaching Facilities

As leaders in the academic building market, Fitzemeyer & Tocci is committed to advancing sustainable building technologies. The exclusive knowledge and experience our engineers have derived from designing complex mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems enables us to bring the most technologically advanced, efficient and robust engineered solutions to academic facilities.

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