F&T attends Life-Safety Seminar at Fenway!

Life-Satefy Seminar

Last Tuesday, Cameron Bellao and Steven Southard from Fitzemeyer & Tocci attended a life-safety seminar hosted by Johnson Controls at Fenway Park. The seminar had various topics but the first focused on changes to fire codes affecting the healthcare and education markets.  The second topic focused on smoke control system requirements. After the seminars there was … read more

Reducing Patient Readmissions Through Lighting

Healthcare facilities are always striving to provide the best care for their patients. Part of that goal is to prevent current patients from having to return after being discharged due to an infection. Lighting systems within healthcare facilities should be designed with the reduction in the number of HAI’s in mind. Through new technologies utilizing either Ultraviolet or Visible Spectrum lighting, air-borne and surface dwelling pathogens can be killed regardless of whether or not a room is occupied.