Harmonics: Understanding a Goblin in Your Electrical System

Many of the potential readers of this blog may have heard the term “harmonics” frequently enough to know it relates to VFDs, but that is possibly where their understanding may end. If you are experiencing mysterious issues (motors experiencing unusually high wear and tear, medical imaging scans with unusually low resolution, a very low power … read more

Edward (Ted) Fitzemeyer Speaks with The Zweig Letter

Recently, Ted Fitzemeyer spoke with The Zweig Letter about Fitzemeyer & Tocci.  The discussion covered topics regarding ownership, operations and the future of the firm. To review the article, click below. https://thezweigletter.com/conference-call-edward-fitzemeyer/ The Zweig Letter keeps A/E and environmental services firm leaders informed, inspired, entertained, and challenged.  Every issue is packed with news you can use, … read more

Encouraging an Ownership Mindset

Ownership Mindset

Fitzemeyer & Tocci has created a new benefit for key personal to encourage an ownership mindset.  We wanted to create an atmosphere where employees feel engaged in the company and not just completing work assignments.  This benefit rewards employees for creation of long-term company value, enhances employee culture, and creates meaningful long-term wealth accumulation opportunities. … read more