Fitzemeyer & Tocci Joins Efficiency Maine Program

Energy Efficiency

Fitzemeyer & Tocci Pre-Approved as a Technical Assistance Provider under the Efficiency Maine Commercial and Industrial Custom Program Efficiency Maine offers significant incentives for energy efficiency and combined heat and power projects to commercial and industrial (C&I) customers in the State of Maine through the C&I Custom Program.  As an approved Technical Assistance (TA) Provider, … read more

Integrate Commissioning Into Your Building Project

How can building owners ensure building systems meet expectations and operate with predictable costs? Integrate commissioning from day one—to provide additional expertise, ensure owners’ and occupants’ needs are met, and to build highly efficient building systems that work as designed, at peak performance, and with minimal interruptions or downtime. This guide reviews challenges for building owners … read more

Code Considerations During Design of Renovations and Additions to Existing Buildings

When architects, engineers, and building owners plan renovations to older buildings, there is often confusion regarding requirements for life safety, egress, and fire protection systems. A common problem facing design teams is whether or not sprinklers are required in a renovation or addition to buildings that are either partially provided with fire sprinkler protection or … read more